Deom Packaging Experience takes good care of the environment and every day our purpose is to create products that are environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.

Our laboratory carries out a constant study in the research of new materials and new techniques of industrial production, aimed at reducing waste and emission of greenhouse gases. Our purchasing department has only considered and selected suppliers of raw materials that are in line with our company policy aimed at sustainability.

Our company comprehensively adopts the politics of Green Economy and sustainable development, embracing the needs of an attentive and modern market such as the European one.

We work every day to improve and to provide our customers with products of unquestionable quality and design that respect the territory we live in.

Deom Packaging Experience, modern and dynamic, produces boxes for flowers, weddings, and wine, with full respect for the environment and eco-sustainability.

We have decided to bet on the future, and by choosing us, you will do it too.